Jimmy Neutron 58; Rivals 11; The Time Channel 11; X-Ray Vision 36; Kick-Ass 9; Kim Possible 639; Kung Fu Panda 460; Lilo & Stitch 68; Looney Tunes 139; Mario Bros. 481; Metroid 121; My Life As A Teenage Robot 52; My Little Pony 1742; Naruto 168; Overwatch 272; Panty & Stocking 54; Pokemon 1648; Power Rangers 12; Powerpuff Girls 119; RWBY 33 Judy Neutron was getting on in years, and Jimmy always noticed the wrinkles she tried desperately to hide with make-up. Her hair was turning gray and no longer had the volume it used to. Hugh had gone completely gray. He blamed his son who put more stress on his parents than he realized, always going off on crazy adventures. His glasses had